A Simple Thank You

This post will be simple. I would just like to take the time thank the person who gave me the courage to write, and believe I might be talented at something. See, just because we have a passion for something often times doesn’t mean we have the confidence or drive to pursue that passion. Mrs. McHomb was my 10th grade English teacher. She pushed me to do better, encouraged every step of my improvement, and though I was still not yet confident enough to show more than just her and my notebooks what I could do, she made me believe I had the ability to do what I loved for a living. I’m still not sure of my skill level or talent, I may not be the next J.K. Rowling or Sarah Dessen, I’m just hoping that what I write will touch just one person out there. That’s all any of us can hope for really, to do something truly meaningful with our lives.

I won’t lie, becoming successful in my endeavor would be a dream come true, it’s what I imagine in my perfect future. But in times like these, when people are forgetting the power one really good book has, it’s a lot to wish that I can become successful. So, for now I will keep my dream simple and just hope for one true fan, and always remember to thank Mrs. McHomb for opening my eyes to the dream. I hope you all remember to thank whoever supported you as well, because they deserve it, for without hope, what have we got?


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